She Came, She Walked, She Conquered


Nearly 7 miles completed and Saucony held up great! My shoes are a lot damper than they were two hours ago, but hoofin it in the rain will leave you more than a little wet. Still, these aren’t saturated, which is great news. My feet feel great and my Achilles is fine. I didn’t need an extra round of ibuprofen after all. I did get sort of dizzy on the walk, but a shot of trail mix and some water helped. 🙂




Not Bad



So far so good. My Saucony sneakers are holding up pretty well so far after having met grass and mud three miles in. It’s really raining now and my feet are amazingly only semi-damp.

AIDS Walk 2013


Well, I’ve strapped on my new Saucony sneakers and I’m headed to Central Park to participate in the 28th Annual AIDS Walk NYC. Let’s see how they hold up! I will be walking 10 kilometers (that’s 6.2 miles) up though
Central Park, then West to Riverside Park and back downtown. I sprained my instep slightly the other day, and my Achilles is flaring up, but I took some ibuprofen so I should be fine. Also raining out today (luckily just drizzling so far), but I packed my umbrella and the walk is sure to be colorful and fun nonetheless.


Cookie, Cookie!


Check out this amazing Peanut Butter Cocoa Cookie recipe I picked up from the folks at Smart Balance at the Fitness Magazine event. These cookies were so awesome I couldn’t wait to grab the recipe and try them out for myself. Luckily, Smart Balance came prepared and I logged zero time on the net hunting for the recipe.

Guys, these were so easy to make and I didn’t have to crack the oven door open once!

I used the crunchy peanut butter and My results were just as splendid as the cookies at the show. I substituted my beloved goat’s milk for low fat milk, used a tbsp coconut oil and a tbsp unsalted butter instead of the whipped balance butter called for in the recipe and added a scoop of ground flaxseed powder. They were delicious! My portions are a little bit larger because I scooped with a tablespoon (I had 28 servings all together by the time I was done), but you can use a 1/2 tbsp measurer and get the exact serving size of 40 portions. Still healthy, although a few more calories per portion.


As you can see, these won’t last long. Good thing I have a 10k walk coming up tomorrow —I’ve already eaten 6 of these darlings! If you’re a sugar fanatic who’s concerned about over doing it as much as I am, be sure to half the recipe. 😉



Wow, take a look at this huge swag bag the super sweet folks at Fitness Magazine hooked me up with! Notwithstanding the Cherries and Volvic water–I threw those in there after a trip to the Market. The complimentary kicks and tee from Reebok look pretty awesome. Alas, my excitement was short lived –My Mom has already put her claim on the sneakers! I still don’t know what half these things are, but can’t wait to get home and see!